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The following people expressed their overall satisfaction with the work done by Timbalandings.

Bret Comley - Balau patio deck and staircase.
Lesley Lancaster - Teak pool and patio deck with a balau pergola.

Shaun van der Merwe - Balau patio deck :
Quoted: Hi Lyle; attached find a photograph of the decking you did for us, thought you might want to add it to your portfolio. Thanks once again we are very happy with the work you and your team did.

Pastor Des Krull - Balau garden deck
Zane Schonknegcht - Patio and pool deck, staircases and ballustrading.
Ian Crawford Owner of Crawfords Cabins - Decking, ballustrading, staircases and repairs.
Contact Details:

Willem Lombard: 082 446 2540          Email: info@timbalandings.co.za
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