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About Timbalandings
Timbalandings is owned and operated by myself, Willem Lombard.

My skill and experience was primarily obtained while working with my long time friend, Gareth Mckenzie. who is the sole owner of Mac Timber Structures, based in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

I established Timbalandings, with the objective of servicing the Eastern Cape market. I operated primarily in the East London area.

I was given the oportunity to broaden my horisons within the Western Cape which I embraced with open arms.

I moved my operations to Cape Town, with the hopes of servicing a wider market and with opportunites for expansion.

I have been blessed with a client base ranging from Camps Bay to Somerset West. I have receiced many compliments from my clients, ranging from workmanship to overall customer satisfaction.(Kindly see creditentials)

My motivation is to continue to provide a reliable and satisfactory service to my clients,
having a hands-on approach to the business and trade.
Contact Details:

Willem Lombard: 082 446 2540          Email: info@timbalandings.co.za
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